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nature. The photos here were taken by my husband, Piotr, and me during our trips.
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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Looking for spring

Today Piotr and I decided to check what's going on at the ponds near Opole. It's generally a great place to watch the nature, but still there is not as much to see as usually. Ponds are frozen so no sign of ducks or swans. There was a heron somewhere, actually there were heron's tracks on the ice, but we didn't spot heron itself.  As a special treat I was able to take photo of this beautiful buzzard and finally came across Great Grey Shrike posing as a model 


Anonymous said...

You nearly found spring! :) You found critter tracks too! Wonderful!

EG Wow said...

Spring is on its way but not here yet in my part of Canada either. Soon!

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful pictures, I think the animals and people are anxious for Spring time.
Here I used to see a heron in the park, near my place, but unfortunately now he disappeared. :(
I hope he is fine!
Have a nice week,

Bob Bushell said...

The best of the lot is Great Grey Shrike, that is my thoughts.

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

You know a lot more about birds than I do, but in these parts I'd call that buzzard a hawk of some kind. Our buzzards are really ugly!

Terrific photos, though. I love that first one with the tracks in the snow!

JM said...

The little bird was definitely posing for you! Love the bird footprints on the snow shot.