This blog is a result of the many hours spent on watching
nature. The photos here were taken by my husband, Piotr, and me during our trips.
Hope you'll enjoy!

Friday, 4 February 2011


I'd like to start with the birds I love the most and Piotr adores as well. We took these photos last summer in the Owl Center in Wales. The place is fabulous and gives opportunity to get so close these fabulous birds.
Jacob, thank you:)


Bob Bushell said...

I love those Owls, and I love your new blog.

joo said...

Thank you Bob:)

retriever said...

Nice capture, greeting from Belgium, Louisette+2 golden

Jacob said...

It's a beautiful blog, Joo! And it's very nice to see photos by your husband also! Owls are special in our family for several reasons. So, I really appreciate these wonderful pictures. Silver Springs Park here in Ocala has had a bird sanctuary and has had a number of owls on their premises which come out for their bird show which is usually offered on the weekends.

Which leads me to say I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And I don't know what happened to my avatar...I dumped this one for another but it's not showing up yet, and I don't know if that will work, either. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yey! A new critter blog!!! :) Looks great Joo and I love the photos of the owls! Though, they scare me a little bit because my little pugs are like food to them! I love their calls though!